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End-of-term fun

In Delights on May 7, 2009 at 3:37 pm

For anyone with a final coming up, or with a hankering for some Tom Lehrer, a rare recording (and lyrics) from a musical comedy he wrote in the ’50s while teaching at a certain community college up in Massachusetts.  A fun listen for review session season:

Ha, he asks if there are any questions.
Holy smoke have I got questions!
I’ve got a ton, and every one,
Would take him half a day to do.
But I don’t really want to stay here
Since he’s said all he has to say here
But it’s agreed that I shall need
Much more than luck on the examination.
And so I think I’ll let him say goodbye
I guess that he is as relieved as I
Goodbye, goodbye,
Thank God the course is over now, goodbye

A performance in 1951

A performance in 1951

Trivia: Tom Lehrer, of course, became a very successful satirical songwriter — one of the two or three most widely known during the 50s, 60s, and early 70s. Two of the other cast members were advisors to U.S. presidents, one became a photographer for Time and Life magazines, and three others became highly-regarded professors at Tulane, Case Western, and UC Davis. The recording of the show was made by a young professor, Norman Ramsey, who went on to win the Nobel Prize.


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